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File a Complaint - Real Estate Commission

A complaint is to be based on circumstances that occurred in a real estate transaction in the State of Maryland. The Commission has no jurisdiction over new homebuilders, home inspectors, sellers, or mortgage brokers.

Complete the Real Estate complaint form online.

  • Complaints must be submitted in writing on the real estate complaint and guaranty fund claim form. It is necessary that you submit supporting documentation with your complaint.
  • Complaints are reviewed to determine whether the complaint falls within the jurisdiction of the Commission. An acknowledgement letter is sent to the complainant. Copies of complaints are sent to the brokers of the involved companies for responses to allegations. A review process takes place and the submitted evidence determines the case's progress. The case is either administratively dismissed or sent for an investigative process. Only Commissioners, by law, have the authority to charge any violation of the law and/or regulation or to dismiss a complaint.
  • A complaint that results in recommended charges is reviewed by the Attorney General's Office for legal sufficiency. The majority of cases set for a hearing are sent to the Office of Administrative Hearings for a hearing date.
  • A complainant may request an inspection of certain documents maintained by the Commission as part of the respondent's licensing file, so long as the request is limited to documents relating to the complaint and for which inspection is allowed under the Department's regulations.

For information about services related to real estate transactions, or to file a complaint against a new homebuilder, home inspector, or mortgage broker: