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About Unlicensed Contractors - Home Improvement Commission

MHIC investigators actively work to enforce the Home Improvement Law by coordinating with local prosecutors' offices throughout the State, and by continuously educating homeowners about the risks and dangers of hiring unlicensed contractors. MHIC depends upon licensed contractors and homeowners filing written complaints against unlicensed contractors. Each month, MHIC investigators make approximately 75 appearances at criminal trials against unlicensed contractors.

If you wish to file a written complaint against an unlicensed contractor, please include as much specific information as possible, including the contractor's full name, address, and the dates and location where the work was solicited or performed. You may file a complaint even if you did not hire or pay the unlicensed contractor. See the “For Consumers” section of our website for FAQs and other information about filing complaints.

Report Unlicensed Home Improvement Activity (Word) - Report Contractors Working Without an MHIC License    
Maryland Home Improvement Commission Complaint Form (Word)