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Complaints - Professional Land Surveyors

  • Please be advised contractual matters: Monetary disputes or complaints alleging "non-performance" are usually deemed part of contractual agreements to which the Board of Professional Land Surveyors has no jurisdiction.
  • The complaint must contain sufficient factual evidence to indicate a clear violation of the registration law. Complaints may involve unethical conduct, incompetence, unlicensed practice, misrepresentation, plan stamping, or other practice allegations, but NOT contractual disputes.
  • Complaints are reviewed by a Complaint Committee which is comprised of two members of the Board of Professional Land Surveyors. The Complaint Committee may refer a complaint to the Office of Investigative Services if it is deemed that more information is required of a particular complaint. If the Board determines, based on the Complaint Committee's recommendations, that a violation of the law has occurred, a hearing will be scheduled before the Board or an Administrative Law Judge. A final order can be appealed to the Circuit Court.
  • Accusing another person of a violation of the law is a serious matter; therefore, you should be certain that there is a wrongdoing and not file a complaint just because you feel there may be a violation. Anonymous complaints are not accepted. It is mandatory that a completed and signed complaint form be submitted. Complaint forms may be obtained by calling 410-230-6256 or online.

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