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Complaints - Pilots

Report on Incidents

A licensed pilot who is involved in an incident while piloting a vessel is required to submit a written report of the incident to the Board of Pilots within seven days. Incidents are reviewed by the Incident Committee, comprised of two members of the Board. The Incident Committee may refer a case for investigation if it feels more information is needed. If the Board feels that the licensee may have violated a section of the law or the regulations, the case is referred to the Assistant Attorney General for review for possible administrative charges. A hearing will then be scheduled before the Board. A Final Order will be issued by the Board, which can be appealed to the Circuit Court.

File a Complaint

A complaint against a licensed pilot may be filed by a member of the Board or by any other person. The complaint must be in writing and must specifically state the facts on which the complaint is based. The complaint is then submitted to the Incident Committee. The Incident Committee investigates all complaints filed with the Board to determine if the facts alleged could form the basis for disciplinary action against the licensee. Complaint forms may be obtained by calling 410-230-6263 or online.