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Maryland’s Valid Reemployment Activities for Claimants - Unemployment Insurance

To maintain eligibility for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits, all claimants must:

  1. complete their registration with the Maryland Workforce Exchange (MWE). This is a one-time requirement;

    • Claimants must also upload or create a résumé in MWE, make the résumé viewable to employers, and maintain an up-to-date résumé in MWE while collecting UI benefits;
    • After registering, claimants should check their MWE inboxes frequently throughout the week. The inbox contains important information about weekly activities that the claimant must complete. Failure to complete these activities may result in a delay or denial of the claimant’s UI benefits.
  2. actively search for work by completing at least three valid reemployment activities each week, which must include at least one job contact; and,
    • A job contact refers to an action(s) a claimant takes to contact an employer in an attempt to secure employment. Job contacts include:
      • submitting a job application to an employer (in person, email, online, fax);
      • making an in-person contact with a potential employer;
      • attending a job interview;
      • contacting an employer through another method appropriate for the occupational classification; or,
      • making contact through a method specified by the employer.
  3. keep a detailed record of all completed valid reemployment activities. Using the online Job Contact and Reemployment Activity Log, located in MWE, is the easiest way to do this.

For additional information about these requirements, see the Maryland Work Search Requirements webpage.

There are 30 valid reemployment activities that can be used to satisfy the weekly active search for work requirement. Eighteen (18) activities are self-guided and can be completed by claimants on their own and 12 can only be completed with staff assistance. Several activities can be completed through MWE, while others can be completed outside of MWE. See the full list of activities below.

For detailed instructions about registering with MWE and recording valid reemployment activities in the MWE log, see the Job Contact and Reemployment Activity Log Video.

Self-Guided Activities
(Activities can be completed by claimants on their own.)

  1. Virtual Recruiter
  2. Labor Market Research
  3. Create a Résumé in MWE
  4. Job Interview
  5. Skills Self-Assessment
  6. Attended a Job-Related Workshop Posted in MWE
  7. One-on-One Consultation with an American Job Center (AJC) Staff Member
  8. Recruitment Events – AJC or External
  9. Networking Events
  10. Completion of Training Courses in ALISON
  11. Work Search Completed through MWE
  12. Register for Work with Private Employment Agency or Placement Facility of a School/College/University
  13. Direct Employer Job Application (In-Person, Online, E-mail)
  14. Completion of Additional Services Assigned by AJC
  15. Job Readiness Activity Outside of American Job Center (i.e., with Library, Church, Rapid Response Vendors)
  16. Outside Web-Linked Job Referral (CareerBuilder, Indeed, LinkedIn)
  17. Interview Preparation (Big Interview)
  18. EARN Employment Advancement Right Now

Staff-Assisted Activities
(Activities must be completed with staff assistance.)

  1. Résumé Preparation Assistance
  2. Interview Prep/Mock Interview
  3. Skills Self-Assessment
  4. Reemployment Workshop including:
    • Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment Program (RESEA)
    • Reemployment Opportunity Workshop (ROW)
    • Initial Development of an Individual Reemployment Plan (IRP)
  5. Workshops offered at an American Job Center, including:
    • a Job Search Workshop
    • Federal Employment Workshop
  6. Financial Literacy Services
  7. Job Finding Club
  8. Staff-Assisted Career Planning
  9. Job Development Contacts (Working with Employer and Job Seeker)
  10. Referral to Partner Program, including:
  11. Staff-Assisted Job Search
  12. Basic Computer Literacy Skills

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