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State-Chartered Banks, Trust Companies and Credit Unions - Financial Regulation

Depository Supervision Unit
The Depository Supervision Unit is responsible for the supervision and examination of all Maryland-chartered banks, credit unions, and trust companies.

For regulatory examination related questions, please contact Teresa Louro, Deputy Commissioner, at 410-230-6022.

Depository Corporate Applications Unit
The Depository Corporate Applications Unit is responsible for the review and processing of all applications filed by banks, credit unions, and trust companies for new charters, mergers, acquisitions, affiliates, stock conversions, changes in control, branches, foreign bank offices, field of membership changes, and all other approvals required under Titles 1 through 6 of Maryland's Financial Intuitions Code.

For general bank or credit union application questions, please e-mail your questions to Michelle Denoncourt.

Information on State-Chartered Banks, Credit Unions, and Trust Companies

Bank Applications and Forms

Credit Union Applications and Forms

Additional Documents and Forms

Charter Conversion or Notice of Discontinuation: Please contact Teresa Louro, Deputy Commissioner, 410-230-6022.

Bank and Credit Union Fees

  • Affiliate: $750
  • Articles of Amendment: $20
  • Bank Holding Company: $1,500
  • Bank Branch: $600
  • Conversions - To State-Chartered: $7,000
  • Credit Union Branch: $100
  • Foreign Bank Representative Office Permit: $500
  • Mergers/Acquisitions - Among 2 Banks: $3,000
  • Mergers/Acquisitions - Among 3 or more Banks: $5,000
  • New Bank Charters: $15,000
  • New Credit Union Charters: $500
  • New Non-Depository Trust Company: $15,000

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Certified Copies of Documents: $50
  • Certificate of Valid Charter: Requested by bank or on behalf of: $25
  • Certificate of Valid Charter: Requested by a person other than a bank: $50

Annotated Code of Maryland and Rules