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Division of Unemployment Insurance

Work Search Requirement

To be eligible for benefits, you must make a minimum of three (3) valid job contacts per week unless you are exempt from work search. You must enter your job contacts in the Reemployment Exchange (REX) Module.

The Reemployment Exchange (REX) Module is designed to allow you to enter your weekly job contacts into the system while eliminating the need for manual record keeping. REX will also provide you with a reemployment strategy to assist you in becoming quickly reemployed. The information submitted into REX will be retained as a permanent record of your job contacts and is subject to verification by the Division of Unemployment Insurance.

You may enter your job contacts once you are registered with the Maryland Workforce Exchange (MWE). For more information, please select registration.

You MUST continue to file your weekly claim certification (Webcert or Telecert) for benefits until you become reemployed. REX does NOT replace this unemployment insurance requirement.

You may enter your job contacts beginning the Tuesday after the week for which you are requesting payment.

Claimant Information:
Baltimore area & out of state - 410-949-0022
Toll free inside MD - 1-800-827-4839
For Hearing Impaired Only:
Maryland Relay dial 711

Employer Information:
Baltimore area - 410-949-0033
Toll free within the US - 1-800-492-5524
MD Unemployment Insurance Tax MVA License Renewal - 410-368-5450
Toll free - 1-800-492-5524

Job Fairs

Register with the Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning

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Dayne Freeman, Assistant Secretary
Dayne Freeman,
Assistant Secretary