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Minutes of Public Meeting - July 2, 2020

Commission Members Present:

Michael Algeo
Emmet Davitt
David Hayden
Thomas Bowman
Tom Winebrener
Clarissa Coughlin
Konrad Wayson
Tammy Lafferty
Ernie Grecco

Members Absent:

Staff Present Representing the Maryland Racing Commission:

J. Michael Hopkins

Executive Director
Eric B. London
Assistant Attorney General
Milena Trust
Principal Counsel

In accordance with §3-302, General Provisions Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, the Maryland Racing Commission (“Commission”) met by conference call in open session on July 2, 2020 at 12:30 p.m. Prior to the meeting, Chairman Mike Algeo informed the public that their phones should be muted. At the start of the meeting, Chairman Algeo took a roll call of the Commission members and verified that all members were present with the exception of Tammy Lafferty and Ernie Grecco.

Discussion of Maryland Racing Commission powers and duties.

The Chairman announced that the Commission would be going into closed session to seek legal advice regarding the powers and duties of the Commission. The Chairman advised the public that they were welcome to stay on the call while the Commission was in closed session, but advised the public that it was the intention of the Commission to simply adjourn the meeting once the Commission returned from closed session. At approximately 12:35 p.m., Commissioner David Hayden made a motion to go into closed session to seek legal advice on the powers and duties of the Commission, which was seconded by Commissioner Tom Winebrener. Chairman Algeo then took a roll call of all present members on the motion. The motion was unanimously approved to go into closed session.

At approximately 1:55 p.m., the Commission reconvened in open session, with all member’s present, including Commissioner Tammy Lafferty and Commissioner Ernie Grecco.  Chairman Algeo announced to the public that Commissioner Lafferty and Commissioner Grecco had participated in the closed session regarding legal advice from counsel on the powers and duties of the Commission.  Chairman Algeo then asked for a motion to adjourn, which was made by David Hayden, seconded by Emmet Davitt and unanimously approved.

Next Commission Meeting July 23, 2020.

J. Michael Hopkins
Executive Director