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Selection Process - Pilots

The Board is charged with maintaining a list of qualified applicants from which candidates will be selected when the Board determines that apprentice pilots are needed. To compile the list of qualified applicants, a committee comprised of four Board members — two licensed pilots, one consumer, and one member representing the ship docking tugboat industry — is formed. The committee reviews the applications of all eligible applicants. To be considered an eligible applicant, an individual must have a current completed application on file with the Board office by the deadline set by the Board. A deadline of December 31st of even-numbered years is set for the submission of applications to be considered for the next selection process.

The committee starts reviewing applications in the spring of the following year and conducts interviews throughout the summer. The committee ranks them in the order in which they would be selected if the need for pilots-in-training arises and submits this list to the Board at the October board meeting held in odd-numbered years.

If the Board determines that pilots-in-training are required, the Board selects them beginning with the top-ranked individual on the existing list. The list is maintained for a period of two years from the date it is compiled by the Board.