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Janee Williams - Knowledge Equals Youth Success (KEYS) Program at Employ Prince George's – Success Story - Workforce Development and Adult Learning

Janee Williams, KEYS graduate, mother, devoted daughter, and business owner is currently thriving despite COVID-19. She has not let the uncertainties of the pandemic stop her from pursuing and achieving her personal or professional goals.

Janee WilliamsPrior to enrolling in the KEYS Program, Janee faced many obstacles to maintaining and providing a comfortable environment for herself and her three-year-old son, Logan. Janee recounts her greatest struggle prior to joining and completing the KEYS Program was financial stability. Her determination to “thrive not survive” led Janee to enroll in the KEYS Program and stay committed to the eight-week in-house Occupational Skills Training - even excelling at her internship with the City of Mt. Rainier.

After interning for 10 weeks with the city of Mr. Rainer as an Administrative Assistant, Janee’s reporting supervisor fought to have her brought on as full-time staff. She interviewed and accepted an offer from the City of Mt. Rainier for a full-time position with benefits starting at $20/hr. Janee currently serves as Business Development Associate and City Hall Administrative Associate.