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David and Stephanie Romero - Prince George’s County Public Schools’ (PGCPS) Career and Technology Education (CTE) Registered Apprenticeship - Success Story - Workforce Development and Adult Learning

David Romero and his sister Stephanie Romero are keeping it in the family. Both are benefitting from the Registered Apprenticeship Carpentry Program offered at Bladensburg High School, one of many Registered Apprenticeship opportunities available within the PGCPS CTE program. David is a 2020 graduate of the Carpentry Program and Stephanie, a senior in the same program, is not far behind.

Stephanie and David Romero

This “school-to-work” apprenticeship experience has prepared David to move into full-time employment with PGCPS, where he will continue to earn On the Job Learning (OJL) hours while also completing additional Related Instruction (RI) at Prince George’s Community College. Stephanie will follow in his footsteps upon graduation from the program. As they both progress in completing the RI and earned the OJL hours required for the HVAC Registered Apprenticeship, they will be able to sit for the journeyman’s license.

According to David, he entered the apprenticeship program because, “it was a path to achieve my goals and to take my high school carpentry classes to the next level. My goals for the future are to buy my family a home… and to complete the carpentry courses and learn all I can about the carpentry trade.”

When asked why she chose an apprenticeship, Stephanie replied, “I wanted to be a part of this apprenticeship program because I want to continue learning new things, working with others, and repairing and building things. I knew that this apprenticeship program was going to provide an excellent route to the construction field that would prepare me with practical, transferable skills that I can use in my career as well as other parts of my life.”

Both David and Stephanie spoke about giving back to their community and being proud of the work they do. “I show up every day because I am helping to maintain and repair the same schools where I once went to learn. I am able to help the community where I grew up,” said David. Stephanie added, “As an apprentice, I help the person I am working with, so I am learning while working. I show up every day not only because I like the work and learning new things, but also because of the kind and welcoming people who work here.”

When asked about what advice she would give to other young women considering a career in the construction trades, Stephanie confidently exclaimed, “Do it. There is nothing stopping you from being able to learn things in the construction trade. Don’t be afraid, just go for it. Don’t doubt yourself. Just do it.”