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Western Maryland Consortium (WMC) - Career Pathways - Workforce Development & Adult Learning

April 2019

  • The first Career Pathways participant was identified for Garrett Co. She was basic skills deficient and entering the Vet Assistant program at Garrett College. Adult Basic Education (ABE) remediation has helped her improve her reading and math skills all while working through the Vet Assistant program successfully.
  • Two new pilot programs were created in partnership with adult education and continuing education at Hagerstown Community College for CP participants. Participants will be receiving IET and Integrated English Language and Civics Education (IELCE) services in an entry level Home Health Aide course and Microsoft Office Associate certificate program. The literacy services are included in the curriculum. The target enrollment numbers are 10 for the home health aide course and 12 for the office associate program.
  • Ten participants are currently enrolled in WMC’s grant.