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Employ Prince George’s (EPG) - Career Pathways - Workforce Development & Adult Learning

April 2019

  • EPG held in depth planning meetings with the two apprenticeship programs that will provide training and apprenticeship opportunities, namely Finishing Trades Institute (FTI) and Brick Layers and Allied Craftworkers (BAC) Local 1. These meetings proved invaluable at helping to clear up the misconception held by these training providers that all participants would be Spanish speakers.
  • Adult Education had the opportunity to explain that the training would actually be delivered in English and the ESL instructor would not really be translating but conveying meaning to the student in other ways. These clarifications regarding the co-teaching of a mixed LEP group is helping the team to create a unified delivery strategy as we approach the start of the trainings.
  • The apprenticeship programs also provided clear expectations for the program participants, which will help IRC in its recruitment strategy.
  • Ten participants are already in the pipeline..