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Dominique Johnson – Civic Works – Success Story - Workforce Development and Adult Learning

Before Dominique Johnson came to Civic Works, he was a musician and street performer. “I was good,” he said, “but it became more and more difficult to make ends meet.” Eventually, Dominique decided that he wanted to change his career path. When he learned about Civic Works’ Solar Installer Training Program in 2018, he decided to enroll for an opportunity to find employment that would provide greater stability and security.

Dominique JohnsonDominique proved to be an excellent student, mastering the technical skills and certifications necessary to excel in the solar installation industry. In addition to gaining the hard skills, Dominique also appreciated being able to access the supportive services provided by the program. In particular, he found working with a Case Manager to address and resolve the employment barriers that he faced extremely helpful. “It took a huge burden off of me and let me focus on what I needed to focus on,” he concluded. Of his experience in the training program, Dominique said, “This program as a whole is good for people who need a little support to get their life back on track and make a change to their life.”

Dominique graduated from Civic Works’ SITP Module 1 Solar Installer Training Program in December, 2018. Shortly after graduating, Dominique was hired by Solar Energy World as a Solar Installer. Through his work hard and dedication to learning more about the industry, he has since been promoted to a Lead Installer. In 2019, Dominique enrolled in Civic Works’ Incumbent Worker Solar Installation Training Program and gained additional industry-recognized credentials that have supported his career growth. “My goal is to save up,” he said. “This is the best job I’ve ever had—I’m able to send my mom money— and I’m hoping to start my own business. That means I need more certifications in order to grow my career.”