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Shanique Davis - Young Adult Opportunity Program - WorkSource Montgomery – Success Story - Workforce Development and Adult Learning

Shanique Davis was clearly a smart young lady who knew what she wanted to pursue when she sought assistance from the staff at WorkSource Montgomery. She wanted to work in the healthcare field, as well as to look at all options available to her and then decide what she wanted for her future.

WorkSource Montgomery staff eagerly offered her that support and began working to explore options of interest to her. Together they concluded that her resume would need to strengthened with the skillset required to match the positions she was considering for employment.

Upon narrowing down training that would help her move towards her employment goals, she decided on CNA training. The team got working on getting her into a CNA training program that supported her schedule, since she had the responsibility of caring for her two young children.

Shanique DavisOnce enrolled in the training, the team made sure to stay in touch and offer her support in any manner possible so that Shanique would not have any impediments during the session and finish in a timely manner. Being hard-working and determined, she finished her training successfully and earned her CNA license. The WorkSource Montgomery team was delighted with her progress and ready to guide her towards the next steps.

Together they started reviewing positions and worked to have her resume aligned to the jobs she wanted to consider. Shanique looked first at Health Aide positions, but her aspiration was to work in a hospital setting or a facility that offered similar care. Staff then directed her towards the weekly virtual job fairs and facilitated interviews externally to help expand her options.

Shanique was a responsive candidate, as the team noted, and showed up for the opportunities offered to her. She interviewed with healthcare companies such as Peace & Posh, Right-At-Home, Visiting Angels, and Patients First, among others. She expressed her preference for Patients First. Staff made sure that they worked with the employer, presented her resume, and got her ready for the interview. After her second round of interviews with them, she was offered a Medical Assistant position. Shanique was ecstatic as were the staff who helped her!

It was Shanique’s determination, along with the team’s commitment, that resulted in reaching the goal identified by the customer for herself. This was a win-win for her and for WorkSource Montgomery in working to help provide the appropriate resources leading to the desired employment.

Undoubtedly, WorkSource Montgomery customers inspire the staff. It is in creating a bright future for them that staff look to anchor the success of our program.